Southwest Debacle – a GOOD THING for Financial Advisors?!

Customer service since COVID – Good or Bad?

I don’t know about you, but it’s different. Everywhere I turn (hotels, banks, department stores), and now Southwest Airlines (the airline that touts itself as customer-focused) just canceled more than 2,900 flights on Monday, followed by 2,500 each day for the next two days.

What customer experience are YOU giving your clients?

Here’s what I know from working with thousands of advisors over the years. First, you deliver (sometimes over-deliver) on client service, sometimes even at the expense of your family, loved ones, & lifestyle.

Can you relate? Is this you?

And many advisors I work with prioritize up-leveling their client experience, but they don’t need to sacrifice themselves for it, and neither do you.

What if you were to charge for your advice and superior service?

I find many advisors need help to charge for their services or to charge enough – fearing that clients will be taken aback, upset, or even leave should you change your business model.

Yet, in a Covid-induced world devoid of customer service and connection, clients are craving leadership & service, where they are not left to make crucial decisions on their own or asked to call the dreaded 1/800 line.

While you may be curious about changing your business model, it’s scary, especially when you start charging for something you have given away for free in the past. So we work with hundreds of financial advisors every year to charge consistently and increase fees to charge what they are worth.

Remember: your clients want to feel safe and supported … and yes, they will pay for that security.

At Mindshift, we coach and train Financial Advisors, just like you, who want to build a planning practice that charges significant recurring planning fees for their time, advice, and guidance.

What does this have to do with the recent Southwest debacle – anyway?

The lack of customer service seen in the Southwest debacle highlights that you get what you pay for! Seeking out the advice and guidance of a qualified financial advisor is worth the price. Advisors provide support, guidance, and expertise in one of the most critical areas of people’s life. Quality service & financial advice can’t be found (or shouldn’t be found) at rock-bottom prices! And clients want & need what you provide!

Take it from one of our planning clients who emailed us after a terrible encounter with a zero-cost provider.


But how?

Imagine if you were to repackage what you’re already doing and deliver it as a distinct offering you charge for and that your clients happily pay.

Imagine becoming more than just the asset manager or insurance person. Instead, you become a trusted advisor (What a relief to be able to talk to clients about more than just the wild markets!)

Or imagine helping a client with all decisions that impact them financially. Companies offering low-cost services to the masses cannot replicate this type of personalized service. Yet, clients are craving it & are willing to pay for it.

Let me tell you about Kevin. He hired us at the beginning of 2022. Since then, he has increased his renewal percentages to over 90%, increased product implementation (and thus revenue) to planning clients & charged his first 6-figure planning fee.

Or Melanie – who joined Mindshift’s Financial Planning School and became the top planner in her firm for 2021.

THIS could be you!

How did we get those results?

The first step was mindset:

  • Being willing to break the mold and charge (maybe for what you once gave away for free
  • Shifting the focus of value from products and transactions to YOU. And you are worth every penny that you charge.
  • Being confident that quality financial advice and guidance at a fair cost is ALWAYS a good investment!

The second is proven language and techniques that our working today in the field.

If you are curious to learn more about what we cover or the outcomes you can expect when joining Mindshift’s Financial Planning School, sign up for our upcoming information session on January 19th. This 45-minute session will give you all details you need to make an informed decision about whether the Financial Planning School is right for you! Register Here!

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