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New advisor bootcamp

Attracting and retaining new financial advisors should not be this hard.
Break the turnover cycle by investing in your future financial advisors with our proven training and innovative methods.

Real Talk: Only 16% Of New Financial Advisors Will Last In The Role For More Than 4 Years. That Means…

You are spending hours away from your family, training new advisors that statistically will not make it.
Your best advisors will still leave because an unpredictable commission model is not sustainable for them.
Your compensation is tied to the production of untrained, new advisors.

Staying the same is not an option. Outdated methods are failing your new advisors and, ultimately, YOU! Here’s why:


There is not enough time.

You become your own worst enemy when you try to do it all. Spreading yourself too thin takes away from giving 100% of yourself fully to any one thing. Training new advisors and progressing your own career begins to fall by the wayside.


The industry’s sales practices are old school.

Let us take a guess. When you started, you were trained to disturb and create pain, to give your services and intellect away for free, and then focus on pitching product features to generate income. In turn, this is how new recruits are trained.
Unfortunately, this rarely creates consistent revenue. Even if a new financial advisor can use this method for success in the short term, they will eventually burn out and seek new roles with an easier path forward.


There is a generational disconnect between new and senior advisors.

When overworked sales managers are left to train each new hire individually, each new advisor’s experience becomes disjointed and utterly different from one another’s.
Rushed training leads to a breakdown of confidence in the field, with new financial advisors feeling more like robots than people. Suddenly, these advisors realize that their worst fear has come true – they do not know enough.


Introducing the…

New advisor bootcamp

A training program taught by advisors for advisors!
Jacob Myers
NAIFA Rising Star
(2nd-Year Advisor Crushes 6-Figure Income Goal)

I was in my 2nd year in the business and joined Mindshift because I sounded like a robot in every prospect meeting.

My first win happened within hours! After my very first class, 6 hours later, I closed my very first fee planning case and thought, WOW, this works.
Qualitatively, my anxiety has dropped. Mindshift has shot up my confidence. I’m on pace to close 15 fee-paying clients by the end of the year and well surpass my 6-figure income goal. And when I use the Mindshift renewal approach, my clients renew.
Mindshift Coaching has taught me how to ask the right questions, adjust to people’s social styles, change my dynamic when meeting with clients, and be in the moment with clients. I’m starting my ChFC designation, mentoring new advisors underneath me, and I am very excited to see where I can take my business.

We see positive results across the industry

A large insurance career system shared the following results of taking a planning approach.

Planners early in their careers outperformed their non-planner counterparts.

And the success continues as advisors advance in their careers.

Inexperienced 1-4 planners were 76%
more productive than their non-planner counterparts.
Experienced planners in their first 4 years
were 26% more productive than their non-planner counterparts.
Planners that are 5+ years in the business were 75% more productive.

And clients organically buy more products.

Financial planning clients averaged 52% more life insurance premium than non-planning clients with similar income levels, and they retain their policies at a 10% higher rate.

And planners generate more investment revenue than their non-planning counterparts.

73% of planners generated over $250K or more in investment sales compared to 27% of non-planners

Mindshift financial coaching is the change agent your organization needs.

Our team of experts has worked tirelessly to modernize and future-proof the careers of financial advisors. We’ve stood in your shoes and know the training pressures felt by you.
Our innovative program focuses less on a transactional sales approach and more on what connects us. (because what is sales if not identifying shared connections?)
We lead with a modern sales approach and updated language that will empower potential clients to hire your advisors.
Nicholas Familetti
(2nd-year advisor)

I was having a lot of success working with clients, but I wanted to expand the relationship. I was having trouble transitioning my clients to open up about other areas of their planning.

Mindshift Coaching helped me break through the barriers. I am now able to take a holistic approach using planning. Mindshift helped me transition to a fee-based practice, which created a lot more opportunities. I was able to receive personalized coaching on my cases.
That individual time was important as it focused on my business and gave me the opportunity to accelerate my growth. My business has grown significantly. I am now more beneficial to my clients and truly feel confident in my advising skills.

The new advisor bootcamp can be personalized to your firm and is available in both 1-week and 13-week sessions

One-Week Bootcamp

(3) ½ day group sessions facilitated by Mindshift coaches
(2) one-hour practice & case preparation sessions
1-month online access to all module recordings

13-week Bootcamp

(7) one-hour bi-monthly group sessions with Mindshift coaches
(6) one-hour practice & case preparation sessions
3-month access to module recordings
Are you ready to end the cycle of new advisor madness? Level up your business by partnering with Mindshift today!
Brenan McAllister
Financial Services Professional

I have been in the financial services industry for about two and a half years and have been exposed to a lot of individuals, training, and classes on how to be a successful advisor.

By far, the most valuable one has been Mindshift. The program is very interactive, which allows advisors to talk about recent successes and failures, which I found to be very beneficial. My production and the way I feel about my business has greatly improved. Mindshift has provided me with a very clear vision of what I want my practice to look like, which is already starting to take shape. I highly recommend this program to any of my peers at any experience level.

In three transformational months, you can expect the following outcomes when you partner with Mindshift to invest in your new advisors!

It’s time to invest in the future advisors of your firm. Get in touch to learn about our upcoming New Advisor Bootcamp session or to discuss the option of explicitly offering it to your company.

The how of financial planning… Modern selling using financial planning

Stephen Graham
Managing Director

We found that advisors six months into their careers were taking varied approaches based on their mentors training.


This lack of consistency across new advisors created a disparity in results and solutions offered. Partnering with Mindshift allowed for a consistent foundation based on a fee-for-advice approach.

The results have been apparent from the beginning. The level of fees collected has skyrocketed. It has also allowed for the placement of additional products which might not have been discovered if not for the planning approach. We see a direct correlation between the number of fees collected and lines of business sold. The level of relationship that is established with the clients has also improved dramatically, which is important for anyone starting a career in sales. One of the fears new advisors have is that they don’t know enough. Reinforcing the planning approach gives them confidence that they are engaging with prospects and clients professionally without any preconceived ideas or solutions.
The most important thing to look at when considering Mindshift is your own culture. Almost every aspect of the sales side within a firm falls on the sales managers’ shoulders. There is so much to do and a limited amount of time. By hiring Mindshift, we are able to reinforce the planning approach, provide outside coaching using a proven roadmap, and free up time for other priorities. The Mindshift team is very responsive to what is happening in real-time in the field and they incorporate that immediately into their coaching sessions.
Dennis Quinn
Managing Director
Mass Mutual

She called me Saturday right after she got the check and the fee agreement. She was crying. The Mindshift Program has really helped to grow her confidence in this area. Good Stuff!!!! DQ

I wanted to give you some feedback that I received from Vincent. He came out of the first meeting really pumped up and was very encouraged by being able to build his business in this fashion. You have helped him to close the loop and bring understanding to what Financial Planning and this business are all about.