Grow your financial advising practice without the growing pains inside ...

Practice growth By design

And make your practice more profitable while actually reducing your work hours.
Adopt the proven three-pronged approach for auditing, reconfiguring, & increasing the profitability of your financial advisory business.
With Jackie Bradley, MSOD & Practice Transformation Consultant

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We now have a team of 14 people. Four of us are partners and we have a staff of ten. We, as a team, have a much more defined process. We were able to develop appropriate roles and responsibilities for all team members. Charging for our time has allowed us to bring in higher net worth clients and provide a deeper engagement. Mindshift Coaching has been a revenue generator for us.

Are you ready to expand and optimize the efficiency of your financial advising practice, so you can increase revenue without pouring more of yourself into the business?

And would you love to do this using a highly-customized approach that has been used by top-performing financial advising businesses nationwide (meaning: you don’t have to reinvent the wheel)?
Inside this exclusive 6-month program, we’ll walk you through exactly how to scale your business by design – not by default! – so you can not only work less, but also:
Before Mindshift, we dabbled in charging planning fees. Some years we closed 4, and other years we closed 10. We were also leaving renewal fee income on the table. We wanted more consistency and a proven renewal approach without creating more work for ourselves or reinventing the wheel.
After our first MS program (we have renewed 3x), we closed 67 fee plans and $168,000 in recurring fee revenue, coupled with a SIMPLE process and unwavering conviction for having renewal conversations. As a result, we are beyond excited for the future of our practice.
- Laurinda Ferreira
- Claudia Ferreira
- Michell Ferreira
Financial Service Professional

Ready to take your business to its next level of profitability, without sacrificing your quality of life in the process?

If you’re at the point where you’re asking yourself Questions like…

Then this is your opportunity to finally step outside your business, so you can reimagine what’s possible for it… and set it up to grow in a way that actually serves YOU and gets you more of what you want.
In my second year with Mindshift, I am on track to be over $100,000 in financial planning fees. In addition to my professional life, Mindshift has significantly improved my personal life. Balance is one of the biggest things I got from participating in the program. I received much more value than mastering “how to charge fees,” so much more than I expected from working with Mindshift.

- Mario Carannante



Practice growth by design

The 6-month coaching program that turns high-performing financial advisors into high-performing CEOs, with thriving practices that grow and run seamlessly (even when they’re on vacation!)
Using our tried-and-tested, highly-customized approach for auditing and reconfiguring your financial advisory business, we’ll increase its profitability by focusing on these 3 KEY areas:


Growth strategy

This is where we get you to step away from the business and look at the bigger picture so that you can make better, more strategic decisions.
We’ll set your practice up to be less dependent on you and give you an effective plan for growth with clear benchmarks, which maximizes existing talent and puts in place robust structures and systems for team development.
You’ll receive my expert, unfiltered feedback (honed by years of coaching hundreds of top-performing financial advising businesses across the country!) on how to optimize and expand what’s working, and adjust the areas of your practice that aren’t aligned with what you want.
Not only will you walk away with a clear, crystallized vision for your practice’s long-term development, but you’ll already have put in place changes that are reaping immediate benefits, while allowing you to do more of what you love and delegate the rest.


Team optimization

The second part of our elite coaching process involves getting you and your practice to a place where you’re confident that you have the right people in the right roles for the right reasons.
No more wondering who should be your next hire, how to create a career path for your people, whether a role would best be served by an advisor or a staff person, or what the best way might be to compensate your team.
We’ll audit what’s currently going on with your people and create a 100% bespoke team strategy for you, that will take you to a place where you’re certain that you’re now building out your team and business structure in the right way to fulfill your vision for future growth.
Plus, you’ll also discover how to motivate and incentivize all the members of your team, by providing desirable opportunities for career progression, cultivating a healthy team culture, and making sure everyone is aligned when it comes to values, vision, and expectations.



Finally, we’ll also be diving into your practice’s client strategy, to create a cohesive client experience model that makes everyone — ranging from top clients to clients you gained in the early days of your career — feel valued.
We’ll make sure that your practice is working only with clients that fit your ideal profile, and come up with a customized plan for offboarding clients who are no longer a good fit for your practice moving forward.
Likewise, we’ll do strategy and training around how to delegate clients to junior team members at appropriate times, in a way that gives clients a high-quality experience and makes them feel taken care of.
As a result, you’ll improve your client retention rates, maximize opportunities for referrals, and experience more satisfaction because your practice is only taking on genuinely aligned clients that you truly enjoy working with.

Here’s how we’ll get you there over your 6 months of coaching:

90 minute kick-off growth strategy + audit session

You want to make sure you’re working with someone who fully understands the complexities of your business and gives you bespoke solutions designed to meet your needs.
This audit session enables us to dive into where your business is currently at and where you want to go, so we can develop a cohesive strategy that enables you to achieve those big outcomes.


You’ve attended too many conferences where you’ve been left on your own to implement everything, and very little has changed afterward, despite your best intentions.
These regular check-in calls will ensure that doesn’t happen by giving you ongoing support in taking the consistent small steps we map out for you — which will ultimately create the game-changing business results you want.
We will design your hours based on your goals:

30 minute interviews with each of your team members

Your people hold a wealth of knowledge that they don’t always feel comfortable sharing with their supervisors.
These interviews allow them to share their thoughts freely with an objective outsider, giving YOU crucial feedback and insights into what they feel is working, as well as where they’re looking for things to improve, which we can then incorporate into our bespoke game plan for you.

Kolbe assessments for team members & team building session with kolbe Certified consultant

Kolbe is the only assessment measuring how different individuals instinctively tend to take action and get things done, and the test provides immediately actionable insights that can enhance personal productivity, team performance, and job alignment, as well as facilitate effective, headache-free hiring.
We’ll leverage the assessment results to play to the strengths of individual team members, help your staff communicate better with you and with clients, and show them how to become more productive individually as well as work better together as a team.

Bi-weekly group coaching calls + monthly case prep design calls

Every advisor we work with has questions about what other successful advisors and teams are doing across the country. This is why, biweekly, we bring together top performing advisors nationwide to share best practices and learn from one another.
In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to bring a case to the group each month and receive feedback in the moment from our think tank of high-performing advisors, giving you solutions that will get you (re)hired by current or potential clients.

Plus, you also get these incredible bonuses:

This confidential survey enables each team member to freely share their perspective, so we can easily identify any issues bubbling under the surface and optimize the business for continued high performance.
Have a question between sessions? Email Jackie for real-time, in-the-moment feedback, which ensures that you never end up spinning your wheels alone.
Receive access to this course on modern selling techniques that has helped our clients achieve results such as quadrupling their revenue and adding $200,000 of new recurring revenue to their businesses.
Implementation support is the bedrock of this program, and these effective, proven resources ensure that you won’t need to reinvent the wheel or waste time figuring things out alone as you make changes.
I highly recommend Steve, Ben, and Jaclyn. They’ve been invaluable to me in my practice and my growth in this career.

- Kevin Dykes

Capstone Partners

Please note:

This program is not about offering you vague, cookie-cutter advice or leaving you with mounds of work to do after our calls.
Practice Growth by Design is a highly-customized, proven program — with ample personalized support — in EVERYTHING you could need to take your specialized and sophisticated financial advising business to its next level of growth and efficiency.

Ready To Experience A Practice Transformation?

Hi, I’m jackie bradley

-- practice transformation coach.

As one of the most recognized “Teaming Coaches” in the financial advising industry, I’ve coached thousands of teams of all shapes and sizes, and am an authority on the unique challenges that the majority of advisors face as they scale their practices to become more profitable, self-sufficient, and enjoyable to run.
I vowed early in my financial services career to upgrade the professionalism and work-life balance within our industry (after witnessing my first mentor get legally banned for putting his interests ahead of his clients’, and my second mentor work nights and weekends, put his business ahead of those he loved, and ultimately experience his marriage ending…)

I knew there had to be a better way.

Today, I coach Practice Owners to create the businesses of their dreams. As a thinking partner, I guide them through the often difficult process of visualizing and designing a business that serves them and their life to help them achieve breakthrough profit growth, as well as freedom from the areas of the business that bog them down.
I hold a master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics and Executive Coaching from the University of Pennsylvania and was previously a team coach & succession planning consultant at NEF, MetLife, Mass Mutual, & Penn Mutual.
In addition, I have 13 years of field experience with the #1 NEF / MetLife Agency and have played a version of every role in a financial advisory practice, which means that I fully understand the complex range of problems that practice owners inevitably encounter as their businesses expand.
20 years of consulting with teams of all shapes and sizes nationwide


Boots-on-the-ground understanding of the challenges experienced by financial practice owners


The transformative, highly-customized solution you’ve been looking for to help your business to GROW without the growing pains.
I doubled down on the Mindshift Program after 2 meetings because the value I got from the organization as a whole was so strong.
They tailored the program to exactly what I needed- It was my agenda! So, if you are debating pursuing Mindshift, I encourage you to go for it! I experienced growth of 10 – 15x at a minimum over what I paid in less than a year.

- Joseph Leary

Allentown, PA


As with anything that is worth it in life, this process takes focus. However, that doesn’t necessarily equate to a huge time commitment.

You must commit to meeting with me every other week for 30 minutes. Outside of those calls, I recommend spending 1-1.5 hours per week working on the short assignments provided or implementing the strategies we come up with together.

You also have the option of attending our bi-weekly Group Coaching calls + monthly Case Prep Design Calls, but this is not mandatory and you can drop into these as and when needed. You will also receive replays of the calls that are time-stamped for ease of watching, if you can’t make them live or want to skim them quickly.

Absolutely — you are preaching to the choir. Working with thousands of teams nationwide, I am adamant that a one-size-fits-all approach is NOT effective when it comes to achieving meaningful results for financial practices and their owners.

That’s why The Practice Growth by Design Program is fully bespoke — although we will be sharing proven systems and processes with you, we will only recommend courses of action that are an excellent fit for the needs of you and your team.

Unlike other programs, Practice Growth by Design was created BY financial advisors, exclusively FOR financial advisors.

It takes a fresh and modern approach to everything related to selling and financial practice growth, prioritizes you getting to have a life and actually enjoy running your business, and offers you an unparalleled opportunity to connect with and get insights from other top-performing practice owners across the country.

Plus, the level of customization and personalized attention is exceptional, and designed to make it as easy as possible for you to actually follow through with the bespoke strategies we come up with for you.

We’ll use our tried-and-tested, highly customized approach for auditing and reconfiguring your financial advisory business to increase its profitability by focusing on 3 KEY areas: Growth Strategy, Team Optimization, and Client Experience.

In order for us to do this, you’ll receive:

– 90 Minute Kick-Off Growth Strategy + Audit Session with Jackie
– 1:1 Implementation Calls: 12 hours to use throughout the 6 month program
– 30 Minute Interviews (Conducted by Jackie) With Each Of Your Team Members
– Kolbe Assessments for team members & team building session with Kolbe certified consultant
– Bi-weekly Group Coaching calls + Monthly Case Prep Design Calls

In addition, you’ll get access to the following bonuses:
– Team Practice Self-Assessment
– Voice Messaging access to Jackie for quick questions and feedback
– 6 Months of Access to our On-Demand Video Course: The – – Financial Planning School
– Proven Systems and Process Blueprints to further Optimize Your Practice

Book your call with us here to discuss how the program could be an optimal fit for your practice.