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Laurinda Ferreira CASL, LUTCF, FSCP, Claudia Ferreira, CFP, LUTCF, ChFC, Michell Ferreira, Financial Service Professional
New York City, NY

We heard Mindshift speak about their programs on an industry best practices call and hired them immediately. We thought: “Why recreate the wheel when there is a proven system that works and we can avoid making mistakes?”

Before Mindshift, we dabbled in charging planning fees. Some years we closed 4, and other years we closed 10. We were also leaving renewal fee income on the table.

We wanted more consistency, and a proven renewal approach, without creating more work for ourselves. So after our first Mindshift program (we have renewed 2x), we closed 67 fee plans, $200K of additional first-year revenue, and an additional $168,000 in recurring fee revenue.

Extra income, coupled with a simple process and unwavering conviction to have renewal conversations, we are beyond excited for the future of our practice.

Joseph Leary, CFA, CFP®, CPA, MBA
Allentown, PA

I doubled down on the Mindshift Program after 2 meetings because the value I got from the organization as a whole was so strong.

They tailored the program to exactly what I needed- It was my agenda! So, if you are debating pursuing Mindshift, I encourage you to go for it! I experienced growth of 10 – 15x at a minimum over what I paid in less than a year.

Ray Pavicich, CLU, CFP®
Buffalo, NY

Before engaging Mindshift, I delivered 17 financial plans and collected $20K in planning fees. After participating in Mindshift’s program, I finished the year with 40 fee clients totaling between 90K - 100K of total fee revenue.

Essentially, I have doubled the number of plans delivered while simultaneously doubling the fee I charge per plan, which has quadrupled my revenue. In addition to acquiring new clients, I have effectively transitioned existing clients to work on a fee basis.

Melanie Dahl, CASL®
Newtown Square, PA

The first year I joined Mindshift, I placed the most fee plans in our firm and won the 2021 Top Financial Planner Award.

Kenneth Podell, CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC
Bala Cynwyd, PA

I have been in the financial services industry for 36 years. I recognized a need to start formalizing my team's financial planning process and start charging for our time & advice. The financial world has become complex. We were spending an excessive amount of time and money on nonprofitable relationships.

We now have a team of 14 people. Four of us are partners, with the remaining 10 making up our admin and associate advisor teams. We were able to develop appropriate roles and responsibilities for all team members. Charging for our time has allowed us to bring in higher net-worth clients and provide a deeper engagement. Mindshift Coaching has been a revenue generator for us. Since Mindshift Coaching, I am being paid for my time, advice, and most importantly my expertise. I am able to offer much more value in my practice by effectively servicing my client base.

Nicholas Familetti
Newtown Square, PA

I was having a lot of success working with clients, but I wanted to expand the relationship. I had trouble transitioning my clients to open up about other areas of their planning. Mindshift Coaching helped me break through the barriers.

I can now take a holistic approach to my client’s planning. Mindshift helped me transition to a fee-based practice, creating more opportunities. I was able to receive personalized coaching on my cases. That particular time was vital as it focused on my business and allowed me to accelerate growth. As a result, my business has grown significantly. I am now more beneficial to my clients and more successful in my career.

Brenan McAllister
Financial Services Professional, Newtown Square, PA

I have been in the financial services industry for about two and a half years and have been exposed to many individuals, training, and classes on how to be a successful advisor.

By far, the most valuable one has been Mindshift. The program is very interactive, allowing advisors to talk about recent successes and failures, which I found very beneficial. My production and the way I feel about my business have greatly improved. Mindshift has provided me with a clear vision of what I want my practice to look like, which is already starting to take shape. I highly recommend this program to any financial advisor of any experience level.

Newtown Square, PA

I wanted to let you know that I received my first "yes" last night unexpectedly. At the end of the meeting, they asked me how much they owed. I quoted the amount I charge for coaching & went through the different offerings they receive as a financial coaching client. After that, they said, "let's do it." Thank you for your coaching; I appreciate it.


I’ve saved a ton of time and free work; Mindshift Coaching helped me get to a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ faster.
The value of the program for me was learning how to get renewals.
The coaching helped me learn practical, effective organization/systems to simplify the business.
Helpful to see the infrastructure and team roles other advisors set up to keep their practice running efficiently
Mindshift Coaching helped me to define a clear role with my clients/prospects, so they know exactly what they are getting.
Thanks to Mindshift Coaching, I stopped 'choosing' for the client whether to present them with a fee or not. Instead, I let everyone know how I work and let them choose how they want to engage. It's helped clarify my role, define expectations on both sides, and avoid "free" work.


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