Shifting your business model, because your most lucrative resource should be you. 

Are you frustrated with your practice and know there must be a better way?

Do you take your clients through a sophisticated planning process for free, hoping the client will pay you through asset management fees or commissions?

Are you charging financial planning fees here and there and want a proven, structured approach?

Our team believes the financial services industry is evolving to a fee-for-advice model that enables advisors to be compensated fairly for their time and talents.

We are Mindshift Financial Coaching and we want to help you make the shift into a pay structure and business mindset that compensates you for your expertise, your time, and the products you believe in.

The process takes guidance, accountability, and a solid plan to set yourself up for success in the new era of financial services. We invite you to learn about our 12-month and 6-month programs and how we can help you develop a proven, structured approach to get the compensation you deserve.