Do you struggle conveying what makes you different from other financial advisors?
Are you clear on your real value?

Do you understand what client's want in a financial advisor?
(What they value most!)

At Mindshift, when we engage with an advisor, they inevitably focus on their quantitative value.
Focusing on the quantitative, while important, allows little room for differentiation. Let's face it, we all
have access to the same planning tools, the same ideas and the same products.

At the end of the day, the difference YOU make in your client’s lives will not be the result of choosing the best mutual fund, ETF, or insurance product. However, your client’s will be tremendously better off when your advice to save more, spend more, stop working, or some other critical behavioral change is

At Mindshift Financial coaching, we provide the method to marry the academics of financial planning
(quantitative) with behavioral finance (qualitative).
More than ever clients are craving a coaching relationship with their financial advisor.
Are you up for the shift?
(BTW … not only will your clients be better off, you will greatly reduce your anxiety while making more income!)
If you have trouble quantifying
your TRUE value, click below to
download our PDF on just that ...

“Quantifying Your Value.”
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