Mindshift Financial Coaching - Webinar
The 3 Secret Shifts  High Achieving Financial Advisors  make to
Break the Vicious Cycle of Anxiety and Transform Their Practice

to Experience Freedom, Peace of Mind, Meaningful Success (and more INCOME)!
Learn the ninja mindset techniques of anxiety-free advisors
Overcome false beliefs getting in the way of charging for your time
Stop “working for hope” and gain control over your practice
The perfect language to convey your value with conviction that works like a charm the first time, every time, with any prospect
Why our method leads to more consistent income without having to be a marketing maniac
AND… how to build your business that meets your income goals without burnout so you can focus on what you do best: serving clients
Jaclyn Bradley, MSOD, Practice Transformation Coach
Benjamin Skupp, CHFC®, Financial Services Representative & Financial Advisor
Steven Kaplan, CHFC®, Financial Services Representative & Financial Advisor
Jackie, Ben & Steve are the founders of Mindshift Financial Coaching, a company built to help financial advisors break the vicious cycle of anxiety and make more money in the process. Collectively they have 50+ years in the financial services space and grew tired of the old ways of the industry: hustling for more and better clients, working for hope, and doing it all alone.

Ben & Steve are the founders of Holistic Financial Planners LLC.Eight years ago, they shifted their business to focus on advice and guidance, charging their clients on an annual basis.  Since they have made this shift, they have collected over $1,250,000 in planning fees and delivered nearly 500 financial plans, increasing their investment and insurance implementation, freeing up time, deepening client relationships, increasing client retention, and virtually eliminating the need to market.

Jackie rounds out the team as one of the most recognized coaches for teaming in the industry. She has coached 1000s of teams of all shapes and sizes and is an authority on the unique areas advisors face. Her coaching has helped advisors achieve breakthrough growth while achieving freedom from the areas of the business that bog them down.Jackie holds a master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics and Executive Coaching from the University of Pennsylvania.
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