ADVISORS: Download Your Recurring Revenue Planner so that you can say goodbye to ...

Working for HOPE

Hope that the assets are in play, or that your prospective client is insurable!

Desperate commission breath

Need is repelling energy and drives people away.

Confusion on how you get paid

Make business decisions (like when to hire that staff person) with CLARITY & CONFIDENCE

Exhaustion of more & more!

Define your enough & simplify your business.

This Recurring Revenue Planner is for you if ...

The hamster wheel is not your only option. Recurring revenue is for you if you are:

  • Tired of starting over at zero every January
  • Sick of the exhausting prospecting/servicing hamster wheel 
  •  Feel unclear about the investing back into your business 
  • (Even if you started building recurring AUM  – this tool will show you how to get there faster with annual planning revenue 

Hit Your Revenue Goals!

What kind of results have we seen?

Great question! Here is what are clients are saying:

Click this video to hear what advisors like you are saying about the impact of adopting the “FMO Business Model.”

Since Starting with Mindshift, I found these three things to be most impactful:

  • We substantially increased our renewal percentage to over 90% of our existing clients.
  • I was able to turn more of my planning clients into investment and insurance clients, thus creating additional revenue out of the plans.
  • Three, I’ve been able to close larger clients (largest being $100,000 annual fee!) thanks to some of the strategies and sales language from Mindshift.

Kevin Dykes


Before Mindshift, we dabbled in charging planning fees. Some years we closed 4, and other years we closed 10. We were also leaving renewal fee income on the table.

We wanted more consistency and a proven renewal approach, without creating more work for ourselves. So after we completed our first Mindshift program, we closed 67 new plans and six figures in new recurring income.

Five Star - Financial Group


Why is predictable revenue important to your business:

Become the CEO of your business!

Still not sure? Well, you are likely wondering

Who is Mindshift & What Makes Them The Expert on Planning?

Good question.

We are advisors in the trenches like you. We meet with clients everyday (but Fridays) and everything we teach we use ourselves in the field.

We shifted to charging for our advice 10 years ago and since then we have delivered over 500 financial plans and collected over 2,000,000 in planning charges.

We’ve taught over 500 advisors our “FMO Business Model” & we are blown away by the results of our Financial Planning School graduates.

This business model solved so many of the problems we were experiencing with the traditional advising model. And now:

  • We each take 5-weeks vacation without taking the business with us
  • We have time to run an additional business while we generate 7-figures in our planning practice
  • We sleep well at night knowing our clients are clear on what to expect from our planning practice (& what not to expect)
  • We coach our kids sports teams and have shifted the majority of our attention back to the people that matter most to us.
  • We receive more client “thank yous” this way than the old way

Stop working for hope.