Get a Proven Plan for Predictable
Success & Steady Clients

(So You Can Stop Working for Hope Once and For All)

Developed by financial advisors actively working in the trenches, this 
assessment will highlight the #1 thing standing between you and a steady stream of ideal
clients, less stress, and more stability.

If this sounds too good to be true, we promise it’s NOT.

There is another way to become a successful financial advisor than what we’ve all been taught.

And it’s not by following the product-based commission model that we’ve all been taught.

This 4-minute assessment is your starting point and your results will reveal:


Your #1 Growth Blocker aka. The invisible barrier holding you back from growing your prtactice in a stable and stress-free way.

(+ how to overcome it).


What stage of The Profitable Advisor Process you’re in – whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned financial veteran, there are specific strategies for every stage, and you’ll get the ones that will help you based on where you’re at.


Your next steps game plan = 3 action steps to get you moving in the right direction. 

Stop working for hope and relying on transactional revenue and start setting the necessary foundation in place to create predictable, value-based, leveraged relationship-driven revenue.

Meet your Mentors

Meet Mindshift:

Who are the advisors behind this assessment …

Hello there. We are Ben Skupp ChFC & Steven Kaplan ChFC

Well, first and foremost, we are advisors in the trenches like you.

(This is a SUPER IMPORTANT component to our programs… We shifted our business model to charging substantial recurring planning fees ONLY because a Top Planner coached & trained us.

Think about it …. do you want to learn entrepreneurship from the professor or from the practitioner? Enough said!)

(This is a SUPER IMPORTANT component to our programs… We shifted our business model to charging substantial recurring planning fees ONLY because a Top Planner coached & trained us.

Think about it …. do you want to learn entrepreneurship from the professor or from the practitioner? Enough said!)

Together, we formed Mindshift Financial Coaching with Jackie Bradley, the queen of practice efficiency, advisor teaming & CEO mindset. She kicked our butts (our practice) into gear years ago, and together we uncovered a need for what we offer advisors, so here we are.

We’ll let Jackie take it from here …

Thanks, gentlemen. Jackie here …

 A decade ago, my guys were struggling. In fact, they both had hair – I’m not lying – check out the picture.


Ben was “hunting” large insurance clients, trading his time for hope.

Hope they needed insurance,

Hope they didn’t have a product aversion to insurance,

Hope they were insurable, Hope their family member wasn’t in the biz, → Hope they weren’t going to shop the coverage

OR any number of things that could go wrong.)

Essentially, he was on THE VERGE… the verge of a significant mental breakdown, that is.

Steve was in crisis, but for different reasons. He entered the business on the “investment side,” which can create the illusion of predictability, but with your income tied to the market … who is really in control?  

Yeah, that can be stressful, but his stress was for different reasons altogether. He was overpromising, over-delivering, & overworking & had zero clarity around his clients’ expectations or what his clients truly wanted from him. They say “clarity is kindness,” & without this clarity, Steve was always anticipating the worst-case scenario … (essentially the client taking their assets & going) … which perpetuates the vicious cycle …

Something had to give …

Enter a Top Financial Planner offering a coaching program to guide other advisors into a BETTER WAY.

Here’s what happened …

They began charging every new client as well as existing clients to work with them … (year one & subsequent years)

They were no longer working for hope or trying to guess 

what their clients needed from them.

This new stream of predictable income allowed them to operate like business owners & make smart business investments (like hiring me to build their team and processes), allowing them to go on vacation and not take their work with them.

(They’ve collected over $2,000,000 in financial planning fees & delivered over 500 financial plans)

What about New Client Acquisition … well they never loved “hunting” for new clients year after year. So one of the BEST unexpected wins … their clients rehired them year after year, so the vicious marketing cycle stopped …they simply didn’t need more clients & when they onboard a new client, it is through referral only.

Removing prospecting demands freed up 50% of their time – which they now use to coach and train other advisors to duplicate and often exceed their success (hopefully saving them at least a few years of the stress, anxiety & headaches they endured → before cracking the code.)

And the best part is it’s not an all-or-nothing business model – meaning financial planning revenue represents 20% of their overall income, with product sales making up the remaining 80%. The key → differentiating your offers!

Is it Your Turn?

Take your assessment & find out for yourself!



Carey Yukich,

Financial Planner

Mindshift – THANK YOU so very much for your help with my planning case!

It felt very natural and authentic to ask for a $7,500 plan fee plus $5,000 plans for both sons! Great way to hit the ground running.

Id say the class & your coaching have paid off significantly already!

J Leary,


MBA: Allentown, PA

I doubled down on the Mindshift Program after 2 meetings because the value I got from the organization as a whole was so strong. They tailored the program to exactly what I need- It was my agenda!

If you are debating pursuing Mindshift, I would encourage you to go for it! I experienced growth of 10 – 15x at a minimum over what I paid in less than a year.

Projections this year … we are going to book at a minimum 250K of financial planning fees. We will double our Financial Management Oversight fees in a single year!