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Over 20 years of cumulative coaching of thousands of financial advisors, and since founding Mindshift Financial Coaching in 2018 and mentoring hundreds of clients, our team has identified 5 key mindset shifts that financial advisors must adopt to effectively scale their businesses.

These are the essential first steps for financial advisors to make the leap from operating like salespeople within their own practices, to building and scaling highly profitable businesses that aren’t dependent on them working 24/7 to see consistent and sustainable revenue growth.

In this PDF, you’ll find out the 5 profit-boosting mindset
shifts that will help you:

  • Sell with integrity while becoming more profitable than ever
  • Cultivate consistent loyal clients who hire you year after year
  • Virtually eliminate marketing, so you don’t have to be constantly chasing the next sale
  • Set up your business to support your life, instead of your life supporting your business

Before joining Mindshift, I was starting to get to the point where my time was just getting eaten up all over the place, and it was a struggle to manage everything. I hit that point where I was getting so many requests from my clients and no longer had time to find new ones.

A mentor pointed it out first. He said, “You need to start shifting your focus to charging for your time because you’re running out of it.” That was a struggle for me, because I had spent a better part of a decade selling against advisors who charged fees.

I am in my second year with Mindshift, and I am on track to be over $100,000 in fees.

Recently, I signed the largest single fee I’ve ever signed. I would not have had the confidence to charge that amount if Mindshift hadn’t coached me through it.

Not only has Minshift improved my professional life, but it has also improved my personal life in a big way. It has created more balance. That is one of the biggest things I got out of my participation in the program. I received so much more than I expected out of working with Mindshift.

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