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Financial Planning Participants 2023

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Before Mindshift, we dabbled in charging planning fees. Some years we closed 4, and other years we closed 10. We were also leaving renewal fee income on the table.
We wanted more consistency and a proven renewal approach, without creating more work for ourselves. So after we completed our first Mindshift program, we closed 67 new plans and six figures in new recurring income.

Five Star Financial Group

New York City, NY

K. Dykes

Financial Advisor

Capstone Partners

Since starting with Mindshift, I found these three things to be most impactful:

1. We substantially increased our renewal percentage to over 90%.

2. We were able to turn more of my planning clients into investment and insurance clients, thus creating additional revenue out of the plans.

3. We have been able to close larger clients (largest being $100,000 annual fee!) thanks to some of the strategies and sales language from Mindshift.

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Who is Mindshift:

There is a better way!

Who is Mindshift:

First and foremost, we are advisors like you. Ten years ago we added annual financial planning fees to our recurring revenue model and have not looked back.
We moved in this direction to regain our sanity, to bring predictability to our revenue, to stop working 24/7, & to bring clarity to unclear client expectations. And the wildest thing happened … It Worked!
Since then we have collected over $2,000,000 in planning fees and delivered nearly 500 financial plans!
Today, planning fees account for 20% of our annual revenue with product sales accounting for the remaining 80%. (We do not take an all or nothing approach!)
Best of all, we gained back 50% of our time! So today, in addition to running our practice, our greatest fulfillment comes from helping other advisors duplicate and often exceed our success, hopefully saving them at least a few years of the stress, anxiety & headaches that we endured before cracking the code.

OUR MISSION: To provide Financial Advisors with PROVEN strategies and SIMPLE hacks that work (NOT THEORIES) and deliver you RESULTS!

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