Discover the 5 Levers of Scale high-achieving Financial Advisors apply to grow their practices so they can increase their impact & income without more work!
A Masterclass for Financial Advisors
The 5 Levers of Scale Masterclass is designed exclusively for Financial Advisors who are ready to:
increase overall & recurring revenue
confidently charge substantial recurring financial planning fees
create a modernized, future-proof practice
WITHOUT sacrificing the quality of their life in the process!
5 Levers of Scale 
Wednesday, August 24th
at 2pm EST / 11am PST

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In this session, Teaming Expert, Jackie Bradley and Financial Advisors Ben Skupp, ChFC® and Steven Kaplan, ChFC® will hand you an exact implementation plan for the 5 levers that will result in:
More overall revenue
More recurring revenue including income from Financial Planning fees
More time for you and the people that matter to you 
Less headaches and stress
Less people problems
More FUN 
AND a modernized, future-proof practice that is ready for the new era of Financial Services
Join this Masterclass to learn …

The most impactful scaling techniques used by the top advisors and teams nationwide

AND to hear current financial planners share how they successfully incorporated these levers of scale to shift their practice to a 7-figure planning business they love.

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Wednesday, August 24th at 2pm EST / 11am PST
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Why could this workshop be the best 60-minutes you have invested in your business in a long time!
LET’S BE REAL … the future of the financial services industry is changing.

Compensation (whether it’s commissions or asset fees) continues to get squeezed.

Demands (compliance, client demands, or managing your team) continue to increase.

Not to mention, an international pandemic has drastically increased people’s desire and commitment to plan for their future, creating an opportunity for advisors to heed the call … step in, plan, and charge for it.
As Your Practice Grows, Life Becomes Far More Complex!
This Masterclass is for you, if you catch yourself asking questions like …
Is my business structured in the optimal way for future growth?
How can I add more recurring income to my business?
What systems and processes will enable us to work with maximum efficiency?
How have other financial advisors scaled a Financial Planning Practice?
How can I charge recurring planning fees and add value year after year?
Perhaps you’ve heard yourself saying …  there’s got to be a better way!
We’re here to tell you that "Yes, there is & you can make it happen without reinventing the wheel. Where your practice is today is not all there is for you. There is SO MUCH MORE!"
This Masterclass is for you, if:

You believe that charging financial planning fees is the future of the business … (maybe you’ve even dabbled in charging financial planning fees) … but you still have some resistance to doing it consistently.

On top of that, you love this business, but you cannot stand the need to constantly market and find new clients
If this is you, then you do NOT want to miss this

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At Mindshift Financial Coaching, we are advisors like you. Ten years ago we made the shift to charge our clients annually for financial planning or what we have named Financial Management Oversight.

Since then we have collected over $1,500,000 in planning fees and delivered nearly 500 financial plans! Today, planning fees account for 20% of our annual revenue with product sales accounting for the remaining 80%.

AND while we have:
organically increased our investment and insurance implementation
deepened our client relationships,
and increased our overall and recurring revenue …
the coolest part is we have virtually eliminated the need to market, gaining back 50% of our time (Time that we now use to coach other advisors how to adopt our business model.) And, (heck) it sounds cliche, but the business has become fun again.
Jackie Bradley rounds out the team as one of the most recognized “Teaming Coaches” in the industry. She has coached 1000s of teams of all shapes and sizes and is an authority on the unique areas advisors face. Her coaching has helped advisors achieve breakthrough growth while achieving freedom from the areas of the business that bog them down. Jackie holds a master's degree in Organizational Dynamics and Executive Coaching from the University of Pennsylvania.
Ready to take your business to its next level of profitability, without sacrificing your quality of life in the process?
Join us LIVE on Wednesday, August 24th at 2pm EST / 11am PST
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